Grey - D31

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* Si applica solo a Doll Eyes
The lifelike design and bold threading of the Grey D31 glass doll eyes allow you to view your doll from greater distances

Like the D400 series, the paperweight effect of the Grey D31 glass eyes offers life to your doll. The bold threading of the D31 Round series allows you to view your doll from greater distances whilst still being able to see the remarkable contrast in both colour and depth.

Our Grey D31 glass doll eyes are completely hand made using techniques dating back many hundreds of years. The glass used in making the D31 Round eyes is of the finest quality most being made by ourselves here at Hand Glass Craft.

In particular, the crystal used to for the lens is of extreme optical clarity giving life to the eye and sharpness to the iris colour.

This D31 Round range of glass eyes can be used in all sorts of dolls including:

  • Ball joint dolls (BJD)
  • Porcelain dolls
  • Modern dolls
  • Reborn dolls
  • Vinyl dolls
  • Artist dolls
  • Wax dolls
  • Puppets, etc.
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